Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

Romans 12:12


It was with tears of joy and gratefulness that I received the encouraging news early this morning.  
Only two days ago the situation seemed hopeless.
Charbel, A young man unsaved and very ill in a hospital in Lebanon . A desperate prayer request from his sister Veronica was sent to us.

Veronica who resides in Australia, and is a close friend to my friend’s daughter, has been in total despair since Monday communicating back and forth with her family in Lebanon after receiving the dreadful news regarding her brother. She was informed that the doctors had decided to put him in an induced coma yesterday as his best chance to survive…….physically!

But what about his soul?  What chance did Charbel have to hear the gospel? who would go to him? his family in Lebanon are not Christians. He is in ICU, was about to be intubated and placed in an induced coma, who would even be allowed to go into the care unit? Who would even go an risk a covid infection?


We find the answer in Matthew 19:26

“And looking at them, Jesus said to them, “With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Does God answer our prayers ?,  YES!! , not always the way we expect, but He is always attentive to the prayers of His children, “FOR THE EYES OF THE LORD ARE TOWARD THE RIGHTEOUS, AND HIS EARS ATTEND TO THEIR PRAYER……” 1 Peter 3:12a.


Very early this morning a message of hope was received from Veronica:

Charbel my brother has now been intubated and is under an induced coma. God gave peace to go ahead with this decision as it was the only chance he has to survive this.

Please pray for him, a man of God that my father in law knows from a Christian church in Lebanon was able to go into the ICU this morning and speak and pray with Charbel. Only the Lord knows his heart and we hope that he will respond to the salvation of the Lord. 

Please continue to pray for Charbel as he is under the coma, that his body will recover and that the Lord will continue to work on his heart. Please also pray for my parents as they are struggling to cope with all that has and is happening. 

Thank you for praying with me”

Nothing is impossible to God. NOTHING.


Personally, I was beginning to think that Charbel had no chance of ever hearing the gospel.  His family in Lebanon are unsaved.  His Christian family are in a different country.

But God…. there is nothing impossible for God.  

Be encouraged precious saints of God, to never give up praying.  No matter how  impossible the situation is. No matter how desperate and hopeless it looks, God will always answer your prayer according to His perfect will. 

Thank you for reading .