The Mission Aviation Fellowship delivered more than 2,500 Bibles to the Yai people. in Papua, 52 years after they martyred .the first missionaries to visit them.

The Yali people originally killed MAF pilots Phil Masters and Stan Dale when they visited the province to start a church in 1968. When the Newman family went looking for the pilots three months later, their plane crashed, leaving only their son Paul alive. Paul Newman was sheltered by a sympathetic tribesmen. The tribe eventually began welcoming more missionaries after others came to find Newman. 

Now, the same organization has continued to serve the isolated tribe, supporting church plants and Bible translation in the area. The 2,500 Bibles delivered to the region are written in the Yali language and include 1,4000 children’s Bibles. 

“Because God in His far-reaching love, worked through a killing, a plane crash, faithful missionaries, translators and organisations like MAF, these Yali tribes no longer walk the path of darkness,” said Linda Ringenberg, the wife of one of the pilots involved. “Their path is lit by the Word of God.”