Hervey Bay, a beautiful coastal city in southern Queensland Australia, is where my brother John lives. During our phone conversation yesterday, among other things, he mentioned some of the “creatures” that visit his backyard regularly. 

I was horrified !!! to say the least.

John’s Backyard Visitors

1-Monitor Lizard

These lizards don’t have enough venom to cause serious harm and lack fangs to inject into prey. Nonetheless, they have a great deal of bacteria in their mouths and a bite will often turn into a nasty infection.

Photo taken by John in his backyard.

Photo taken by John

2-Eastern Brown Snake

Photo curtesy of Australian Museum.

This species has the unfortunate distinction of causing more deaths from snake bite than any other species of snake in Australia.


3-Black-Bellied Swamp Snake

Photo courtesy of Snake Catcher Brisbane.

These snakes are not highly venomous, but they do bite and victims may suffer pain and localised swelling.


John could not supply photos of the snakes for obvious reasons


As fearful as I am of cockroaches and bugs in general, I can not imagine my reaction if I ever came face to face with one of my brother’s backyard visitors.


I am seriously considering wether I should go ahead with my planned visit to Hervey Bay later in the year to spend a few weeks with John .


Thank you for reading my story about fears and monsters, death and bites in “Backyard Visitors”