A significant post of one of the few life experiences that binds every human together.
Thank you Richard.

Where Living Begins

Throughout the history of the world people have fought for justice and equality. Whether it’s a religious or ethnic group, a political philosophy or cultural concept, or a bazillion other things, there has always been, and always will be, someone claiming oppression and the need to be equal.

Groups demand economic equality through government taxation and redistribution. Protesters demand their lifestyles be recognized as normal. One politician accuses another politician of creating a climate of “class warfare.”

Death is one of the few life experiences binding every human together. Despite education, social class, gender, nationality, religion, or any other divisor you can think of, death is the great equalizer that brings everyone to the same place.

When you pass through the slim portal separating this life from the next, you’ll finally be equal with everyone who passed before you and everyone who will pass through after you. Death makes us…

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