Pray’r an answer will obtain,
Though the Lord a while delay;
None shall seek His face in vain,
None be empty sent away.

When the woman came from Tyre,
And for help to Jesus sought;
Though He granted her desire,
Yet at first He answer’d not.

Could she guess at His intent
When He to His follow’rs said,
“I to Israel’s sheep am sent,
“Dogs must not have children’s bread.”

She was not of Israel’s seed,
But of Canaan’s wretched race;
Thought herself a dog indeed:
Was not this a hopeless case?

Yet although from Canaan sprung,
Though a dog herself she styl’d,
She had Israel’s faith and tongue,
And was own’d for Abr’ham’s child.

From His words she draws a plea:
“Though unworthy children’s bread,
’Tis enough for one like me,
If with crumbs I may be fed.”

Jesus then His heart reveal’d:
“Woman, canst thou thus believe?
I to thy petition yield;
All that thou canst wish, receive.”

’Tis a pattern set for us,
How we ought to wait and pray;
None who plead and wrestle thus
Shall be empty sent away.

~ John Newton