Some of you know that I am in the process of moving house.  
The recipe for relocating has long days and nights, a dose of stress, don’t forget to add a pinch of heavy lifting for flavour, sprinkle lots of cleaning and of course, the icing on the cake has to be connecting the utilities. Always so much fun!! “NOT”.  (Still waiting for the gas connection. The company I am dealing with, knows where the building is for the electricity supply but have no idea where the “same” building is for the gas connection. Go figure!🤔)

And so due to my busy days and nights I am behind reading your posts. BUT a couple of hours ago our state government has come to the rescue. A two week lockdown has been announced for Sydney from 6 PM tonight. Only allowed out for groceries and exercise.  Will now have lots of time to read your posts again. Yayy!

The removal Co will not be able to move the rest of my stuff for two weeks or more if the spread of the delta virus gets worse. 
As the news hit me a little while ago, I thought that I may cry, scream maybe, whinge, have a pity party, No, not I. Instead I went to the supermarket joined the long,long,long queue and bought my favourite chocolate and toilet paper (as it’s running out again, The TP that is ☺️)

My absolute favourite chocolate!

This lockdown, unlike the previous one last year, finds me with two places to legally be in “lockdown”. I can walk 40 minutes to the place I am moving to, getting my daily dose of exercise, and a change of scenery.
Also remind myself to keep my eyes on the Lord Jesus.  No matter what our current situation may be, for those of us who believe, Jesus is our only “HOPE”. His Word is absolute truth.

May the Lord give us lots of opportunities to proclaim His truth in the midst of a world that makes no sense.