To many the hobby par excellence is to go shopping.

Going clothes shopping for me is one of my fun hobbies specially when accompanied by a good friend and when you are in total control of your financial possibilities. 

I had no idea that one day this particular hobby of mine would allow me lead someone to Christ.

This is how it happened.

A few months ago, a new boutique suddenly appeared in my neighbourhood shopping centre.  Not just any “ordinary-same old-run-of-the mill” type of boutique mind you.  This is a unique and distinguished pop- up shop that offers elegant classy stylish sophisticated majestic and refined clothes that are different in style to all the other shops in the centre.  

The girl who owns the shop and I “clicked” from the very first day we met although I didn’t make a purchase that day.

A few weeks ago I passed the dream boutique at the speed of sound  (trying to get away from temptation….) BUT Irene( the owner )saw me.  She wanted to show me a new IRRESISTIBLE skirt that had just been delivered.  Well….what can I say, YES!! temptation won that day!!

As she was packing the delightful item for me,  she shared her concerns and fears about Covid, the world, her children and life in general.  One thing led to the other and I had the opportunity to share the gospel with her.  
She told me that she was a Muslim but would like to know more about my faith.  
I asked if she would accept a book about Jesus.  With a smile she said she would .

 My guilt feeling of buying a new skirt that day suddenly left me. I was on a mission for the Lord.  Yes ?

I had no idea what book to give her.  There was nothing in church that was suitable.

In the middle of the night it was brought to my memory a book I had forgotten about. Yes!!, still there in the draw,

I went back a few days ago and gave her “The Case for Christ”.  I was so excited when she accepted it and gave me a hug.

Brother Alan from Devotional Treasures shared a blog about prayer and divine appointments.
You can read about it here.   

I truly believe this was a divine appointment and an answer to prayer.

As brother Alan rightly said, we need to pray for divine appointments to proclaim the gospel, while there is still time.

Blessings and thank you for reading.

Picture Courtesy of Pinterest.