Bowen’s Daily Meditations

Devotional: January 31st

” Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee ‘- Psalms 55:22. 

Who is there that hath not a burden? – who that stands in no need of relief? 

The burden of ignorance weighs heavy on one man. He finds himself so lamentably in the dark with regard to many most important things. The burden of responsibility weighs heavy on another. The burden of some secret frailty, some unconquerable weakness oppresses another. The burden of doubt is crushing to this sin-tormented soul. The burden of mortality, the fear of death, is more than another can bear. The burden of levity and thoughtlessness is heavier to some than is generally supposed. To one and all the command is, ” Cast thy burden upon the Lord.” 

Many go staggering under the burdens of life, cursing God as they stagger along. What do they wish? That God should give Satan authority to remove their burdens? or, make Satan’s yoke easy and his burden light? No; God reserves it as his own distinctive privilege to lighten the burdens of mortals, ” Come unto me,” says Christ, ” and ye shall find rest.” 

How is a man to cast his burden upon the Lord? By faith in the Lord’s promise. He must stop groaning, and believe. He must go to his task in prayer, expecting that an unseen hand will take hold of the wheel simultaneously with his own, and lift it out of the mire. If he has to speak, he must lay hold of the promise and look for a mouth and wisdom that none shall be able to gainsay or resist. We are not to suppose any burden too small to take to God. If we think it small, and seek no help, it will grow in bulk till we are crushed beneath it. 

He will not remove your burden so that you shall have nothing to do, no more need of him; but he will sustain you – he will administer support, so that men shall wonder to see you walking with such alacrity, to hear you singing so blithely with a great burden upon you. Then will you tell them of the sustaining hand. 

Cast, then, thy burden on the Lord, and he shall sustain thee. 


Copyright Statement
Daily Meditations‘ is a daily devotional written by a Baptist Missionary to India, Reverend George Bowen over 100 years ago. The book was published in 1865 by the Presbyterian Publication Committee and is in the public domain.