Some of the people who help distribute Bibles are taxi or Uber drivers. Just a few weeks ago one of these drivers picked up a husband and wife who happened to both work at a local hospital.

While in the backseat, they were complaining about how bad the COVID-19 situation is. In their frustration, they expressed anger towards God. They also shared disappointment with their government’s response and lack of supplies to treat people.

The driver could tell they were stressed, exhausted and frustrated with the whole situation. He let them finish venting and then began to give his thoughts.

He agreed this is a very sad and difficult situation, but he also said he has peace and hope in the midst of the chaos. He began to talk about his God, a God of love, compassion and peace.

He spent three hours with this couple sharing the Gospel, ultimately leading them to Jesus. He gave them a Bible and continues to keep in contact with them.

This couple is on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19; testing and treating patients in Iran. As new Christians, they have an incredible zeal to share Jesus and the hope they have found in Him. They are now praying for every patient they see and offering them a Bible.

It is not just their patients. They are praying for and sharing the Gospel with other workers at the hospital. They even started a prayer group that meets in the hospital.

They do not receive any negative pressure from people around them, people are open and friendly towards this Good News.

The seed sown into this couple’s life is now multiplying to people around them. The hearts of people in Iran are ready. This couple has incredible boldness but that is the point. Now is the time to be bold in Iran.

One of the Iranian leaders who helps direct the Bible distributions shared some astonishing information.

He said, in this nation that is 99% Muslim, they usually receive up to 800 requests for Bibles each month. Since the pandemic started, the requests for Bibles have increased to as much as 1,200 every month.

This is a tremendous indicator that the hearts of people are open to Jesus right now.

VOM Australia’s ministry partner is actively involved in distributing God’s Word in Iran. In the last few years, they have distributed more than 100,000 Bibles.