Where Living Begins

Behold, He who keeps Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep (Psalm 121:4).

One of the side effects of a 2006 car accident is occasional “glitches” where my brain short circuits in seizures. Each glitch results in confusion, memory loss, depression, loss of bodily functions, and insomnia. Recovery can last weeks.

A recent glitch left me with 3 weeks of an hour or two of sleep a day. Sleeplessness permits unending time to work, but also highlights the utter frailty of my humanity.

One of the unusual beliefs of cultists attached to early Christianity was that Jesus wasn’t human. They couldn’t reconcile an eternal God with humanness, and concluded that Jesus was only a spirit with an illusion of a body meant to deceive.

To combat this gnostic heresy known as Docetism, the gospel writers took great effort to emphasize Christ’s humanity. Jesus cried (John 11:35), thirsted (Matthew 27:48), could…

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