Where Living Begins

Within British Commonwealth nations, cricket is like the NBA in America, and Charles Thomas Studd was Michael Jordan. CT Studd had money, fame, influence, and security most could only dream about. 

On his way out to a cricket match, 17-year old CT was asked by a preacher staying in the family home if he believed in Jesus. To get rid of the preacher, Studd answered yes, but the preacher wasn’t convinced. He pressed CT with hard spiritual questions he couldn’t answer. When the preacher presented the gospel, Studd believed upon Jesus. 

Studd continued his rise in the world of sport until in 1884, when he read a pamphlet by an atheist. If Christianity was true, wrote the atheist, Christians would do anything to reach the world for Jesus. The words convicted CT. He’d made it big in life but hadn’t done anything big in life. He ended his career and…

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