While in Ravensbrück concentration camp, Corrie ten Boom and her sister, Betsy dealt with dreadful conditions.
This women’s labor camp “dorms” were crammed into three high trough like sleeping barracks with rancid hay as their bed.
The cramped conditions and lack of basic sanitation lead to a lice and massive infestation of fleas.
Corrie wondered how they could endure such a dreadful place.
Betsy prayed and told her sister they must “give thanks in all circumstances”.
But the filth and the fleas?
Corrie wondered How she could possibly ever be thankful for the lice and the fleas?
Several weeks later, one of the supervisors was called in their barracks to view something Betsy was working on.
The supervisor refused because the place was crawling with fleas.
Betsy then reminded her sister that it was the fleas that had allowed them so much freedom to form a bond with and pray and teach about Jesus to their entire barrack with little infringement from their captors because neither the supervisors or guards wanted to be in their barracks because of the lice and the fleas.
This is when Corrie realized how she could be thankful even for a flea.

Every time I read this section of the true story “The Hiding Place”, I’m so humbled by the raw and real way God used these amazing, brave sisters in msuch a horrific situation.
He even used the fleas.

What challenge or difficulty have you found gratitude in that you never thought you could?   Source

Artist James Brown’s Ravensbrück