By David Ettinger

Great Bible Book
I love the Book of Colossians because it gives us such a crisp, awe-inspiring, and true characterization of the Jesus we worship.

The Book of Colossians was the apostle Paul’s response to the Gnostics who were spreading heresy in the church of Colossae and elsewhere. The basic teaching of Gnosticism is that the physical is evil and unspiritual. Therefore, Jesus Christ could not be God – or at least a “pure and undefiled” God – because He took on flesh and blood. Yes, He may have been pure in His natural state, but once He became a human being He was forever corrupted.

Paul, in essence, said “nonsense!” as he repudiated the muddled and false claims of the Gnostics. And by way of contrast, he penned a breathtaking epistle filled with clarity and conviction, astuteness and adoration, vision and veracity.

The Book of Colossians…

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