Where Living Begins

Two false prophets, Igbo and Bobo, ran through their village from opposite directions. In the center of the village, the two excited men collided into one another and fell down. Igbo said, I just had a dream. Thus says the Lord, “It will not rain on Tuesday.”

The other false prophet, Bobo, replied, No, I had a vision. Thus says the Lord, “It will rain on Tuesday.”

If it doesn’t rain on Tuesday, Igbo will claim to have been right; Bobo will also claim to be right, but say his prophecy was fulfilled spiritually not literally. Both prophets can say their messages came to pass, just like the time on a broken clock is right twice a day.

Godly prophets in the Bible were judged on more than a single prophecy about the future. Not only were their messages detailed with specifics, but their overall theology was also…

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