By David Ettinger

Identifying the Enemy
No, it’s not Satan. Yes, Satan is your enemy and he would love to destroy you, but he is not your fiercest enemy.

“… refined in the fire …” (Revelation 3:18).

Why? Satan surely is a powerful being who wages war on Christians. His number one tool is temptation; manipulating circumstances to put the Christian in the most vulnerable position possible. However, Satan’s influence is limited by God; the devil can tempt, but he can’t make believers sin. The Christian is fortified and protected by the indwelling Holy Spirit; it is He who prevents Satan from gaining significant leverage in the believer’s life. Satan can throw the proverbial “kitchen sink” at you regarding temptation, but he can’t make you sin.

Instead, sin is something you do on your own. Whereas resistance to the devil will cause him to flee (James 4:7), sin is a…

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