FTA …As we move closer to the end of the age and experience increased opposition, Christians must cling to this marvelous assurance and never let go!


By David

A Hostile Place
The world is becoming ever more hostile for Christians.

For decades in the West, our deeply
held values have been mocked, assaulted, and dismissed. We have come to expect
ridicule, but the stakes are getting higher as the secular world looks to
criminalize our ethics. Expressing our beliefs either is, or is on the way to,
becoming illegal.

In oppressed nations, Christians are
beaten, imprisoned, and executed for their faith. In the West, Christian-restrictive
government legislation could lead to fines, firings, closure of businesses, and
perhaps imprisonment for Christian “offenders.”

As each day brings new attacks on our
beliefs, it seems as if God is aloof. We want to ask Him, “God, are You seeing
what is happening here? Do You notice? Do You care?” Of course we know the
answer to these questions, but we are frustrated nonetheless.

Marvelous Assurance
God does indeed…

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