If you ever ask the question, “What am I?” answer it by your life, and say, “I am a son of God. I am a servant of Christ. I am, therefore, an heir of glory!”

His eye is on the sparrow

Our need of identity and significance is like a tripwire releasing a flare signal if we lack either or both. The difficulty then becomes how and where do we find both. The answer to that question will determine if we set ourselves on a path toward illuminating and flourishing maturation or toward entropy and self destruction.

I have heard it said: “Reputation is what men & women THINK of us, CHARACTER is what God and Angels KNOW of us.” From where and how do we perceive our personal identity?

I taught a daily class at the Mission for some years I called “The Christian’s Identity in Christ.” The subject being a biblical answer to mankind’s search for significance and meaning in this world. I primarily used the book of Ecclesiastes, but often quoted from sermon’s by James Smith, C.H Spurgeon and other classics. In this world there is becoming a…

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